Religion, faith or brainwashing?

At the age of 5 I was taken to my first day of school, I was beyond thrilled my bell blue knit sweater my nan had made me. I couldnt wait to make new friends and play hopscotch along side my brother. But this school was different. Crosses and prayers filled the walls and prayer time was a daily occurance. I remember over sometime believing the things I was told. Jesus was a miracle worker and hed be coming again one day.  Both of these figures I looked up to, id close my eyes at bed time and pray for change in my life. A house just full of kindess and silence even. Those prayers were always unanswered. Fighting was always still around and negativity filled my ears. So who was this oh so great God that apprantly lived in the clouds? Why wasnt he answering my cries of help. This is when I began to question my faith, i’d always ask my teachers questions and theyd always shut them down. I mean, I was insane to ask if we really knew if all this stuff the bible told us was true. Or were they insane for believing all of it? Reading versus from the bible you really see how controlling and evil it really is. Gays are bad, virgin mothers, ten commandments. Its all so odd to me how people of the 21st century can believe such a vicious olden day book. People don’t realize why religions were created. They were made to control people, to keep them in line.. to make them live in fear!  I don’t look down upon those who simply believe in god, I know some people need that to get through their day. But people that prance around with their chin in the air cursing out that everyones damned to hell who goes against this mysterious man. Just absoltely floor me, I mean Id  be lying if I said i didnt slightly judge you if you said to me ” well he can do anything hes amazing ”  Insane, instantly slapped on your forhead. Now being an athiest Im always having to defend myself as to why I dont believe. I am looked down upon for not believing in all this bullshit from millions of years ago. Common, its 2011.

I call it how i see it


~ by icallithowiseeit on April 27, 2011.

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