Peeves that pet me

A new movie just comes out, youve been DYING to see it. The previews are running and suddenly every other person is loudly voicing their opnion of the film. A film which theyve seem approx 1 minute of. I mean, can you really judge whether or not youd truly like  a movie based on a 1 minute clip. Im not so sure. Or that cliche group of obnoxious teens laughing in a corner, not even paying attention to the movie. Im always just dying to stand up and give them a big fat fuck you. Last but not least, the open mouth chewers and foot tappers. For crying out loud, am I at the movie or at the damn zoo! Sigh.. people these days.

ps- dont waste your money on Scream 4…. terrible, absolutely terrible


~ by icallithowiseeit on April 28, 2011.

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