Irrational fear of dogs

Im sitting on my front step, long pig tails down the sides of my chubby cheeks. Freckles over populating the porcelain clear skin I once owned. Not a fear in the world, until suddenly I hear a loud jingle and a massive german shepard is bursting out of my garden. This is when the battle began, Me against K9s all over the globe. Now don’t get me wrong, I love mans bestfriend. But from that day on I swear to you that every dog has seen me with a target over my head. Everytime i’d step out my door a dog would be on my tail. I was constantly being chased out of neighborhoods, an outcast! For some odd reason they just loved to hate me.

Several years later and I now have a very irrational fear of dogs. And im not talking about that maury bullshit, Yes I can walk into a house with a dog and not be screaming frantically and sitting ontop of a counter. Its always in the back of my head and im definatly timid at first. But the main fear comes in the out doors. To this day I wont walk anywhere alone unless absolutely needed. When I walk anywhere I feel myself walking at top speed, almost always in a half jog. Panic is always in my head and I try to convince myself how irrational and insane im being. But no matter how hard I try I cant shake the fear. They just love to hate me,

i call it how i see it

~ by icallithowiseeit on April 29, 2011.

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