In a nutshell

Who am I? Its often a question people find themselves asking sometime or other in their life. So, who am I? Im aware of my qualities, and im most definalty aware of my flaws. All modesty asside here, I am good at the arts. Singing, dancing, writing (haha) anything in which requires an artistic mind, i’d like to think i have a knack for. But personal qualities. I am a great friend, I would do absolutely anything for anyone I care about. Ill drop anything for any silly reason if itll help somebody out. If I was told a discusting joke, id probably be the only one snorting and falling off my seat. Laughter, laughter is like a high for me. I always find myself standing infront of all my friends just acting like a total nut doing voices and creating ultimate visuals. Basically, one of the guys. Im often told that im not like other girls, what are other girls like? I mean what IS normal exactly. Whatever there normal is, im satisfied with who I am, and how I “act”. I consider this a compliment like no other, who wants to be like the rest anyways? Now flaws, flaws are usually hard to talk about for most I think. But im not nieve to those oh so lovely negatives that tie me down. I am definatly stubborn, and at times slightly outspoken. Growing up, “no” was hardly ever in my dictionary, so unfortunatly i’ve grown accustom to having things my way. Which in the future I can see as being a negative because as im sure you all know, somtimes in life things just can’t go your way. I am often speaking out when I probably shouldnt. If I find someone is being rude Im not afraid to turn around with some whitty remark. But hey, like marilyn says. If you can’t handle me at my worst, you definatly dont deserve me at my best.

I call it like I see it.


~ by icallithowiseeit on May 10, 2011.

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