Siginificant other = negative

You have a falling out, he cheats on you, hes mean to you.. whatever it is it resulted in a break up. Now given the fact that its over for good, why do you feel oh so shitty? You tell yourself clearly he wasn’t the one, and you list all the things you hated about him anyways. SO why does it still hurt? I found myself pondering this as I layed in piles of my own tissues weeks after we had broken up. I mean, he never was that great in bed anyways! Why do we punish ourselves for days on end over someone who really will have zero to any significant affect on your future. It astonishes me and just frustrates me to be frank. 

I can say happily that im finally over my ex boyfriend but when im told of the oh so trashy things he does in his spare time, id be lying if i said it didnt still rattle me a bit. Im curious if these feelings are there because he was my first love? Or if its because he made me feel unworthy of dating him. Regardless of what it may be. It does suck. And I do feel for those who are going through a rough breakup. My only advice to you is that everything happens for a reason, theres a reason, if not a few as to why you’re no longer with that significant other. It is NOT the end of the world and things do get easier and BETTER. Im happier than ive ever been in my life, and im single! Dont be afraid of the number one, and thats you.

i call it how i see it.



~ by icallithowiseeit on May 10, 2011.

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