Where art thou Romeo

Romance, its everywhere. Every commercial, every soap opera, tabloids its absolutely everywhere.  I can’t even walk into a party without seeing a couple openly giving eachother mouth to mouth infront of anyone. I dont know about you but i prefer to keep my bedroom life, behind closed doors?  People just need to let everyone know ” hey we are together ” As if we didnt notice james bond. So the couples are canoodling with eachother, while the single folks are out getting sloshed and acting like total goombas. So the real question is, which is better?

I don’t know if its a typical feeling but I truly feel like I could never be a romantic again. The cliche, ” ill never meet anyone else” is the phase I have been at and gone over a couple times. Im at the point in my life now where I think men would just cause problems. Speaking from experience Im not sure I could ever give someone my heart again, let alone my trust. Its so easy to lie and get away with it. Most men are so different when you’re not around. Who knows what theyre doing when you’re not around right?

Most woman are very nieve and think ” he would never do that to me” I mean I know how jaded I sound but the whole idea of love makes me anxious now. Is there genuine guys out there that truly only see you and no one else? My mother always said that if a guy truly loves you he could be in a room full of naked woman and not be phased. Is that even possible? I mean really. Im not really sure what to ever expect anymore. All I know is that when im in a relationship im the most loyal person. I could never live myself if i spoke about other men in inappropraite ways, or sneaking around just for a useless thrill. With that being said, id say that the single life is a win win, Its stress free and all you really need to worry about is yourself. Sometimes having a relationship can just cause stress ( if theyre total sleeze pricks anyhow ) Some girls would definatly lean the other way though. Loneliness and lack of confidence has alot to do with it I think. I’d like to think of myself as an independant young lady so im not to concerned with those emotions anyways.

 But why is it that so many girls jump into serious relationships without even a thought? Than sooner or later someone cheats, yadda yadda. Im very bitter against cheating, but i won’t get into that right meow. And I would most definatly never consider approaching someone from my town. Living in a small town is like living in a freakin fish tank. Everybody talks about everyone and everyone knows everything. Sometimes I swear people know things about me that I dont even know. Im not one for gossip though, that could also be a reason. As of right now, single is probably the best for me. I’m definatly excited to move and meet new people though. I think enjoying youth should come way before anything serious and you should probably be some what established before you decide to make a serious step in your life. Who knows what the future holds, just rollin with the punches and doing me  – insert inappropriate joke here –



~ by icallithowiseeit on May 14, 2011.

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