Diamonds in the rough

A social butterfly, I pride myself on my social skills and the large group of friends I have. All of my friends are unique, but oh so similar. We’re all very odd but we get along like peas in a pod. I know that when we’re all sitting around a table bullshitting that I can say whatever crosses my mind and that everybody will laugh or a deep converation will emerge. Always somthing interesting will occur. And if everyones to ripped, or just lost for words. Thats fine to because the silence is anything but awkward.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people whom love me dearly, and who I feel the exact same for. If you ever catch an amazing person, don’t let them go whatever you do. Its not everyday that people you meet will stick around forever, or be a true friend. Esspecially these days gems are hard to find in all the rubble. I hope to always keep in contact with these people that have touched my heart for years on end. I love them dearly and I would do absolutely anything for them.

Every friendship has its ups and downs, they have to! If you don’t test eachother how do you ever know if its real? You couldn’t. But in times of darkness, this is when people’s true colours show as well. It could ultimatly strengthen your relationship, or end it. Regardless, its always for the better whatever direction it may go. I’ve experienced so much with my friends, lazy days, crazy days and just straight up dangerous days. Whether we were stealing our parents vehicles or just egging people’s houses who have done us wrong, we always have stood together, hand in hand. All memories forever locked in my mind. To look back at and smile, to cherish.

Very soon, too soon. We will all be going our seperate ways, to begin out new lives on a fresh page. To become who we’ve always dreamt of being. It brings a tear to my eye to know all of my sisters won’t be a couple blocks away but I hope that they know that each and every one of them has been a miracle in my life. Something I will never ever forget. Soul mates that will never part.

Thank you guys for everything, I love you.



~ by icallithowiseeit on May 17, 2011.

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