May not so long

Maylong, one time of the year that everyone around here camps. No matter where you look tents and trailers will be scattered along the riverside and lakeside.  Its mostly just an excuse to get absolutely gnarfucked and boy, do we ever take getting wasted to another level. I’ve had many expieriences on this traditional weekend. From being chased by cops through thick woods, having my booze poured out and finding friends completely koed in scummy bathrooms. Name it, ive probably seen it on maylong. Now, Im not sure that maylong is like this for everyone, but around here in the bushy boonies, that is how we do it. Now if you’re planning on going on a shitfaced fest on maylong the nessecities are VITAL. 

A massive cooler of booze, a large tent and of course Hotdogs. You will be living off of hotdogs for majority of the weekend. I’m proud to say that maylong is basically the only time out of the year I eat that crap. Moving along, you need to pack some hoodies and a rain jacket. You never know when its going to suddenly rain on your parade. If you’re a female please please please dont pack your straightner and curling iron. You’re camping for crying out loud! Pack some hats or wear your hair up. You’re in the woods, not on the freakin cat walk. Yes, being a girl wearing makeup is a daily routine so if you have to do so in order to be able to even show your face just pack the basics. Concealor, powder. etc. Keep in mind you want to look natural, it looks gross if you looked like you just left the club prior to hopping in your tent. As i’ve said in other posts alcohol makes people do dumb things so be aware of this! I’m not one to go back to somebody elses tent but really consider what the morning awaits before you zip shut that zipper. It is quite funny when you hear your friends struggling to get back into the tent the next day though. Althought everyone will know what you were up to.

Last but not least, have fun. Be open to trying different things, let your wild some come out for once. Being in nature is amazing, I love the smells and the sounds. Whether your hammered or just plain hung over you’re bound to have a fantastic time. Keep your tents tidy lovelys!

I call it like i see it.



~ by icallithowiseeit on May 19, 2011.

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