Facebook 411

If you’re like most people of the 21st century you probably have a facebook account. Maybe you’re on it once a week, or possibly 5 times a day.  Regardless, you most likely know about it, or are apart of this ever growing internet crack sensation.  But let me break it down for you, there are probably some facts about facebook that you weren’t aware of.

Did you know that in 2009, Facebook was the number one most visited site on the interenet. The whole entire internet! People became so obsessed with checking on other peoples status’s that they would completely forget about their own health. Resulting in headaches, back strains and eye strains. You get the picture. With your eyes constantly glued to some sort of screen with the blue banner, good things cannot come from it. Facebook is also a gold mine for hackers, think about all your information on your profile. It would be like stealing candy from a baby, taking all your basic info and than using that to hack into your banking account and whatever else valuable you posess.

As I said previously, facebook was the number one visited site on the internet. Its used by nearly everybody, including business’s we all know and love. If you dont have a facebook link on your website, you’re out of the loop! Having a facebook account these days seems to be next to essential. I am definatly not agreeing with that statement, but calling it how I see it ( wink wink ) It seems to be turning out that way.

Now you may deny this, but lets just be completely honest with ourselves here. Facebook is used for alot of bad sometimes, more than good. I think everyones been guilty of a little profile creeping. Whether it be someone you hate or love, you’ve probably read through all their meaningless shit. Or looked through their album from where ever the hell they went in 2008. Facebook is creeping capital! People post useless things for the world to see. Apprantly its normal to add a random person you heard of and thought was quite attractive. This just all floors me, I mean really? Billy Bob has requested to add you as a friend on facebook. ” Who the fucks Billy Bob ” Deny.

Don’t get me wrong, I over indulge in facebook majority of the time. I’d be lying if I didn’t slightly enjoy looking at photos of people doing rediculous things. For crying out loud i’ve been there several times. Just be cautious next time your at a party being a gongshow. Facebooks watching


~ by icallithowiseeit on June 3, 2011.

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