Canucks lose, The Fans lose their minds



It takes nearly a lifetime to gain respect for a city. To gain prestigious comments and amazing events is a daunting task. But it onlys takes a moment to completely shatter a reputation. Last night was the final game for the stanley cup, Vancouver and Boston head to head. A game that had been on my mind for so many hours was finally about to happen. Sitting on the edge of my seat for every shot that was taken I was positive they would win. They had too! But unfortunatly goal after goal, the spark was soon gone. Althought my fellow canuckers were trying there hardest they just couldnt get the puck past Bostons amazing goalie, Thompson. Yes, I was upset about the loss! I think every Canadian fan was a little bit torn on the matter. Whether you indulged in some depressing after game drinks. Or you just moved on with your life ( as you should ) There are BETTER ways to deal with your feelings towards the loss. After an hour or so of some drinks with some friends I was recieving texts to check out the news. To my complete shock downtown Vancouver was a complete horror show. Turned over cars and fights filled the street, such a displeasing site to watch. People younger than me hopping on police cars and kicking in store windows. Things like this happening everywhere and hardly anybody stopping it, and the people that were trying to stop it were getting their asses kicked. I am SO ashamed of what happened, there is no excuse what so ever as to why this whole situation went down. The lack of dignity and class in some people is definatly evident. And although alot of fans werent invovled, there was a lot of people causing this crap. Whether you like it or not the image of Vancouver has definatly changed. I am a Canadian and I am very proud of where I come from. But i’d be lying if I even said I wasnt phased by peoples actions there.  I really hope all those invovled get punished to the highest degree. Smooth move idiots. Thanks for ruining it for everyone!


~ by icallithowiseeit on June 17, 2011.

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