Dresses, Tears, Fears

I awoke with no odd feeling, yes today had finally arrived. It was prom. I wasnt really looking forward to it at all. As I got my hair done I was slightly dreading all the photos. My date picked me up, and boy did he look dashing! I grew up with him and I could tell he too felt kind of sad this day had come. My mother dragged us to the backyard and became a papartzi for the night. We headed out to our friends out in the wilderness and took thousands of photos. My face had already started to become sore and it had only been an hour. Not only that, but my rediculously tall heels began to show their effects. My feet were throbbing, throbbing is an understatement. The pain was unbearable so I was soon walking around barefeet. Cute right?

 After the first photo shoot my friends and I all took advantage of the nice vehicles we were borrowing. Our massive congo line of shiny vehicles were roaring around tight corners, I felt invisible in that moment. I couldnt help but feel sad when I was with all my closest friends. Everyone looked so amazing and happy. It was an amazing feeling, but at the same time I could feel the end nearing. Next up was the view point, the spot where grad photos are taken every year. Its a fairly narrow piece of land which is hectic as hell on grad day. Bright dresses and sleek tuxes are in every corner and its next to impossible to take a single step without being dragged into a photo. At first the photos were fun, but after a million shots I was dying to get out of there. I swear to you, I dont ever want another photo taken of me again. Soon after the photos it was time for the banquet, all of my fellow class mates headed to our school. We walked into this enchanted forrest that was like walking through the movie Avatar. The room was dimly lit and had soft blueish hues all over. The table settings were beautiful, the whole 60’s gym completely transformed into somthing so gorgeous.

Each student had to walk on stage and get their photo taken. I was freaking out back stage, I regretted not having a brown paper bag to breathe into. I waited for several minutes and finally I was next, my palms were dripping sweat I was nearly about to pass out I swear to you! But, after a goofy grin I was off the stage quickly. The scenerio I had in my head went down alot more horrible than that. Soon after that was dinner than speeches. All such amazing speeches, everything said so very true. My favorite teacher even quoted ” I will miss her writing on heartbreak ” Of course he’d bring that up just to piss me off, gotta love that guy. The dance was finally here, I was almost dreading dancing with my father as I knew i’d be choked up. We started dancing and my dad with his amazing sense of humor began dancing like a goof and cracking jokes. But even I could tell how upset he truly was to see his baby so grown up. My dad is my best friend and I couldnt help but tear up as we swayed to the mellow music. It seemed like only yesturday that I was skipping elementary to go skating with him.

Wetgrad was right after the banquet, It was about 11 pm by the time we all got together. Loads of champange, beer and gin filled the tables. Everyone was just completed anilated and falling around. Such a funny site to see, everyone so happy together. We all partied and talked to one another till about 4:30 am. Needless to say I am completely exhausted today. Regardless, an amazing memory. This part of my life is now changing. Like a leaf turning yellow in fall, I am moving on from being a teenager into adulthood. Trembling, but thrilled!



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One Response to “Dresses, Tears, Fears”

  1. awww!
    Prom is def a night to remember


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