Bestfriends Daughter

From day one hes been beside me, cramming jube jubes into his mouth as I was being born. Always a funny guy. From that day forward i’ve been a daddys girl. I can’t even describe to someone how much my father means to me. He’s my twin, but he challenges me on a daily basis. My dad has always allowed me to live and learn. Never has he been over barring or to brudal with his punishments. Even when I probably did deserve tough love. And for that, I truly am greatful. I feel as though I do have a great head on my shoulders and thats because of him.

Always allowing me to climb higher, skate faster and stay out later. But I must admit, ill never be to old to come home after all the havoc and cuddle with him on the couch. I love watching tv with my dad and laughing about how rediculous some people are. His sense of humor is what I love most, his quick one liners and whitty remarks will never get old to me. Even if I have heard them 100 times. Since I was young I can remember him saying his pg rated jokes and i’d always die laughing. Rarly any rules with him when it comes to come backs. Althought he’s a kid at heart, I have always had nothing but respect for him. I know he’s boss. When im gonna get in shit, its from him. 

Very soon I will be leaving this place, and hes the one person I can confidently say Ill miss the most. Everytime I look back he’s been there. Always to answer my questions and calm my fears. What will I do without him? Its a thought that crosses my mind on a daily basis, I can already see how hard it will be when the day comes. But I hope that leaving the nest will only bring us together further more. Cheers to an amazing father, and a bright future together.

I love you Dad,


~ by icallithowiseeit on June 20, 2011.

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