love lost

In your life you may be lucky enough to meet a person very similar to yourself. A friend that seems more like a soul mate than just a friend.  In the Summer of 2010 I was lucky enough to come across a girl I’d known but never really taken the time to get to know. Over the Summer both of our closest friends were away for holidays so needless to say we were forced to hang out dude to severe bordem. Within a couple of hours we both completely opened up to one another and I realised we weren’t that different at all. Sure we dressed different and had different friends, but we were the same.

She was always so odd and thought outside of the box just like me, if anything crossed my mind as we layed baking on her roof i’d spit it out. And she’d always agree and add onto the rediculous thing I just said. Over time we were together everyday, when somthing was bothering me or I had a snide remark about someone she would rarly speak down on them. Always a positive happy person, somthing I really needed in my life at the time. Even when I would speak about the horrible things my boyfriend did she would always think of a positive reason it could have happend. Although there was no good reason as to why those things had happend, She’d still think of one.

As time went on she started seeing a new guy shortly after he last boyfriend moved. I was completely supportive because the guy was a close friend at the time. After awhile instead of it always being us two, he’d be in the mix. Things were still good though, still fun. Fast forward to now, her boyfriend has done her wrong many times. I’ve had to hear about everything hes done and comfort her. Constantly preaching her on how she deserves the best and that she shouldn’t be with him. She never listens though, and I wish she’d trust what I have to say. Now it seems nearly impossible to hang out with her, I have to put so much effort into it. And when she finally does have the time to hang out, whos in the driver seat when she picks me up? Her Boyfriend.

What is it about certain relationships that tear friends apart. It seriously offends me that im put last to him when I’ve been nothing but a good friend in her life. When all he’s done is break her heart and treat her like dirt. Isnt that like a slap in the face? Why are girls so blind to what important in their lives. I can tell shes unhappy, and I just dont understand why she can’t let him go. Its insanity to me. So my question is, if a close friend doesn’t put any effort in, should I?



~ by icallithowiseeit on July 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “love lost”

  1. Are you a fall back option for her? if nothing works out, well there is always ….you?
    You know maybe it could be something like this; girls need to really want something and fight for it. what they have right in front of their face they don’t see and they’d rather want to fight it out in order to gain something- which life is all about i guess.. Come to think about it , I think it is the same for boys and girls.

    • Yeah you’re definatly right. I also think its the rejection, although hes treated her like crap forever she continues to stay with him. As her close friend its frustrating to see!

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