Zest for the life you live

 Day to day we find ourselves with obstacles before us, whether they be large or small they do exsist. Everybody deals with these things differently but regardless they shape who you are as a human being. As a child I think the people who surround somehow inprint on you. The way they react to situations and their environment can ultimatly rub off onto you.

 I feel as time goes by you grow wiser and usually learn from things that have happened in the road you’ve walked. Things happen in your life that you can’t always control, but you can control how you get through them. Living a day at a time is the only real way to survive. Not dwelling on the what could have beens, If it should have it probably would have. We only have one life to ever live, so why not live it to the absolute fullest. Do the things that make you smile, even if they seem insane to those watchings eyes. For they are blind to what you desire.

Always walk with one foot infront of the other with confidence, realise that life really is just a game. You’re just another player among many, everyones trying to survive. We need to enjoy the ride and live wrecklessly sometimes. If some things stop you in your tracks, why not take a leap? Why live a life if you’re not even living! Don’t leave your book wordless, fill it with tales and memories.

There comes a point in everybodys life that they need to be selfish. Keep your head high and strive for excellence just for yourself, and nobody else. A time in your life you will need to just focus on yourself and live a little. Whether it be dangerous or just something little that you love doing. Do it! Never be afraid to live your life on the edge because somtimes the things that scare us, really are the things that keep our hearts beating. It may be cliche, but its oh so very true.  Live everyday like its your last.


icallithowiseeit ❤


~ by icallithowiseeit on July 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “Zest for the life you live”

  1. Wonderful.. Totally with you…

  2. This is really really really good. Althought I am still figuring out how to walk with confidence and do things that makes me smile. I care too much of what the world think of me, but i know i shouldn’t because they dont care. I love this blog. I get the concept but I just need to learn how to apply it. Thanks for writing this.

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