Don’t feed me violence

Among many thoughts that have crossed my mind the reason for police has been one of them. In society people that are there to avoid conflicts and potentially help us, has been the norm since the beginning of time. Which makes me than wonder, why? Why has there always been those rebels that cause trouble for no good reason. There had to have been a time that people came to realise they need people to protect the innocent, and enforce laws. Certain people have always gone against the grain and caused harm and violence to those around them.

Now don’t get me wrong, im all for people rebeling for the right reasons. Alot of our freedom rights wouldnt be here today if brave people in the past didnt put their foot down. But there are so many different tactics to how we go about this rebeling. I believe in fighting for what you believe, but at the same time you need to go about it in a way thats not completely irrational.

Its made me really think about how twisted the human race really can be. Why can’t everybody just live in peace and be positive. The need to cause havoc at all times is just beyond me. Why is there murder and rape? There are so many negative things that our race contributes to the world. We can’t even respect eachother half the time. Alot of people dont show pride in their communites even, vandalizing and robbing places. Therefore we have to have Police. Its just a thought, what would the world be like if everybody was just good through and through? If people just put there positive sides forward and just lived the happy life. In reality, isn’t that exactly what everybody wants?


~ by icallithowiseeit on July 22, 2011.

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