Youth in our veins

Memories and laughs so sharp in my skull
Eggs and bottles a cheap thrill
Always side by side through every hill
Getting caught and never learning
Wanting to grow old and have no rules
Wishing and waiting for the time to pass
Hating early mornings and countless assignments
Worrying over the little things
The ignorance was our bliss,
The time has come to flourish, to bloom
The hopes and dreams we once carried
Can now begin
Our hats thrown high, our deplomas written in gold
This is it, life begins now

Embrace your memories, hold them tight
Remember the smiles, recollect
Cherish the moments, the lessons from your youth
Two feet and a heart beat, begin your journey independantly.
Your dreams await you



~ by icallithowiseeit on August 5, 2011.

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