Living in a dream

Although the entrance was anything but graceful, the ending result was superb. Kayaking, Id always considered the thought of trying it. The thought was never an opprotunity so when a chance arrose I was sold. First seat was very wobbily, paddling was not fabulous. Salt water had my hair crunchy and my lips zesty. BUT, paddle after paddle the rythme of the water came easily. A race against the chained trees. The water was like glass beneath me, not a single ripple in the horizon. Nothing but absolute tranquility, a heaven sent. Others were around, but not of my kind. Seals and otters danced beneath my feet, veterens of the gorge. Their child like personalities showed the youth of my surroundings. Nothing but sheer calm was around. All other stresses and denial were completely banished from my brain, further with each stroke. The tip of the paddle like the tip of a paint brush, drawing through the crust of the water. Living in a painting, the unrealistic. But suddenly reality.

In other words.. GO KAYAKING!


~ by icallithowiseeit on August 28, 2011.

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