Zest for the life you live

•July 21, 2011 • 3 Comments

 Day to day we find ourselves with obstacles before us, whether they be large or small they do exsist. Everybody deals with these things differently but regardless they shape who you are as a human being. As a child I think the people who surround somehow inprint on you. The way they react to situations and their environment can ultimatly rub off onto you.

 I feel as time goes by you grow wiser and usually learn from things that have happened in the road you’ve walked. Things happen in your life that you can’t always control, but you can control how you get through them. Living a day at a time is the only real way to survive. Not dwelling on the what could have beens, If it should have it probably would have. We only have one life to ever live, so why not live it to the absolute fullest. Do the things that make you smile, even if they seem insane to those watchings eyes. For they are blind to what you desire.

Always walk with one foot infront of the other with confidence, realise that life really is just a game. You’re just another player among many, everyones trying to survive. We need to enjoy the ride and live wrecklessly sometimes. If some things stop you in your tracks, why not take a leap? Why live a life if you’re not even living! Don’t leave your book wordless, fill it with tales and memories.

There comes a point in everybodys life that they need to be selfish. Keep your head high and strive for excellence just for yourself, and nobody else. A time in your life you will need to just focus on yourself and live a little. Whether it be dangerous or just something little that you love doing. Do it! Never be afraid to live your life on the edge because somtimes the things that scare us, really are the things that keep our hearts beating. It may be cliche, but its oh so very true.  Live everyday like its your last.


icallithowiseeit ❤


love lost

•July 8, 2011 • 2 Comments

In your life you may be lucky enough to meet a person very similar to yourself. A friend that seems more like a soul mate than just a friend.  In the Summer of 2010 I was lucky enough to come across a girl I’d known but never really taken the time to get to know. Over the Summer both of our closest friends were away for holidays so needless to say we were forced to hang out dude to severe bordem. Within a couple of hours we both completely opened up to one another and I realised we weren’t that different at all. Sure we dressed different and had different friends, but we were the same.

She was always so odd and thought outside of the box just like me, if anything crossed my mind as we layed baking on her roof i’d spit it out. And she’d always agree and add onto the rediculous thing I just said. Over time we were together everyday, when somthing was bothering me or I had a snide remark about someone she would rarly speak down on them. Always a positive happy person, somthing I really needed in my life at the time. Even when I would speak about the horrible things my boyfriend did she would always think of a positive reason it could have happend. Although there was no good reason as to why those things had happend, She’d still think of one.

As time went on she started seeing a new guy shortly after he last boyfriend moved. I was completely supportive because the guy was a close friend at the time. After awhile instead of it always being us two, he’d be in the mix. Things were still good though, still fun. Fast forward to now, her boyfriend has done her wrong many times. I’ve had to hear about everything hes done and comfort her. Constantly preaching her on how she deserves the best and that she shouldn’t be with him. She never listens though, and I wish she’d trust what I have to say. Now it seems nearly impossible to hang out with her, I have to put so much effort into it. And when she finally does have the time to hang out, whos in the driver seat when she picks me up? Her Boyfriend.

What is it about certain relationships that tear friends apart. It seriously offends me that im put last to him when I’ve been nothing but a good friend in her life. When all he’s done is break her heart and treat her like dirt. Isnt that like a slap in the face? Why are girls so blind to what important in their lives. I can tell shes unhappy, and I just dont understand why she can’t let him go. Its insanity to me. So my question is, if a close friend doesn’t put any effort in, should I?


Wait, thats my weight?

•July 5, 2011 • 1 Comment

Being thin is not only looked at as beautiful in society, but by most woman. Myself included, there have been times when i’ve weighed myself and been absolutely appalled. I don’t know what it is about being a certain number that just drives the females insane, but its evident and very real. If you watch tv even for an instant you see what all the networks see as beauty. Most of these things seem unrealistic. Think about people in your life that you know, how many of them have the body of an hour glass and long perfect locks. Probably not many, if any at all. In reality, thats not beauty at all. Its the perception people have built for themselves. The perfect woman has big boogs, blonde hair, and is probably not all that smart. She’ll bare children for you and stay at home and do all the things a “perfect” woman should do.

We’re in the 21st century and looks are more important than ever. But what about personality and self confidence? Aren’t these equally important in order to have a perfect woman? I believe so, the key thing to being truly beautiful is having an interesting, kind personality as well. Believe it or not not every guy out there is totally for the looks. Woman need to build their confidence and love themselves before they can love another.

Speaking from expierience i’ve always been a confident girl, since childhood i’ve never really cared all that much about my looks. Or about what people thought about my hair or clothing. There was alot of time that I didn’t put my bestface forward and I was completely fine with that because I have confidence. In order to feel beautiful you need to have confidence. I really believe this is the key to having happiness with yourself. Weight can become an obsession for girls and women alike, which is a really sad thing. Of course keeping active and healthy is important, but not if youre obsessing over the number on the scale. Accept the weight you are, if you’re unhealthy than make healthy changes!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Where Do I begin

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I can’t even describe how I am feeling right now. Im sitting here in tears thinking about the past few years of my life. Always wishing id graduate and just grow up. And now i’ve finally accomplised it and I feel completely stumped. Completely torn on how I should be feeling, happiness is probably what I should be feeling. But I dont feel that at all, I feel so depressed about the thought of my life changing so durastically. I wish I had enjoyed my teenage years more, and of course I had a blast. But I was always wishing I was older and that I could just finish high school. Now that Im here I cant help but feel uneasy. I left my dry grad a little bit early because I couldnt even bare how I was feeling. All my best friends around me and knowing they wont be with me in a couple of weeks. Its nearly unbarable to think about. Being completely over dramatic, I dont care. I don’t wanna move and I don’t wanna grow up ever. The thought is completely terrifying for me. I can’t imagine not coming home to my parents. Or always having them to lean on in scary times. Is growing up suppost to be this scary? I always thought id be so thrilled to get out of this place, but now that the time has come im this close to sprinting into my room and locking the door forever. Staying young and being care free forever and ever. Sigh, time flies.

10 Things you should’ve never stopped doing

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As a child there were lots of things you did that were a blast, whether they were rediculous and maybe plain crazy you loved doing it. Age shows and maturity levels grow, but that doesn’t mean you should stop doing the things you once were crazy about. My top ten activities you should never stop doing regardless of your age.

  1. Baking cookies for the soul purpose of eating the cookie dough
  2. Having an all nighter slumber party with your girlfriends
  3. Running around the house naked
  4. Dancing around in your underware
  5. Watching really cheesy movies
  6. Conference calling your friends
  7. Spending all day in bed
  8. Taking long naps
  9. Holding your breath when you pass a grave yard
  10. Listening to all the old pop groups ( NSYNC, Spice Girls etc )


Remember, don’t let the number define your age. You’re as young as you feel, and as youthful as you act. Cheers  to all my youthful readers! Icallithowiseeit

Irrational theories

•June 22, 2011 • 1 Comment

Through my short life i’ve come to realise how rediculous some of my fears and theories are. They’ve all developed from the oh so tragic situations that have occured, or just because I tend to over think everything. First off, my parents are always so damn concerned with the smallest of things. ” Wash your hands well after you eat that pizza, grease travels. ” Is one of the many one liners I hear on a daily basis. If my hands arent being washed properly, the towels haven’t been hung correctly ” How will the towels dry if you fold them that way? ”  Uh… I do not care? Usually a response that crosses my mind.

Number one most irrational theory of mine is that all dogs are out to get me. If I am alone outside and I see a dog, my instant reaction is panic, althought I try to hide it. ( Since I’ve been told they can “sense” fear )  Its been this way for as long as I can remember. Nearly everytime I’d walk to my friends down the street my neighbors dog would be straight on my heels the whole way. I know many hiding spots to avoid our fellow k9s. Playgrounds, snowbanks, trees, I’ve even ran into strangers houses before! As a child these fears were seem as normal, nothing really out of the ordinary. Now, 18 years old I avoid walking outside alone at any cost. Not because im afraid of strange men, or being jumped. Whatever the normal thing is to be afraid of. Its dogs. Now with Summer time in our midst bears is on the menu as well.

Some people may have never seen a  bear, or even expierienced one. Yes, although they are beautiful animals and have every right to wander where they do. They’re scary as hell, many bears around here become immune to human presence WHICH is a really bad thing. But many usually come into town during the Summer months and destroy garbage bins. I’ve had countless occurances with bears, some just plain stupid thanks to those around me. The most terrifing time was when I was walking home on a really rainy day and I could see feet behind a vehicle. I instantly thought it was a human, till shortly after I looked up from under my umbrella and this massive black bear was jogging towards me. I was completely stunned, I threw my umbrella down and sprinted towards the bear in order to reach my house. If there has ever been a time I could’ve crapped my pants, that wouldve been the time.

Last but definatly not least, I’d definatly like to think I have an appealing personality. I think outside of the box and im not overly girly. I like getting dirty and I love an adventerous thrill. Which some guys are interested in, but from past expierience I just can’t seem to trust any guys that come into my life. Im not the type to sleep around and I always feel as though thats all guys want. Even if I do meet a great guy i’d be lying if I said it wasnt at the back of my mind once in a while. Trust is something that needs to be earned, Not given freely.  So with that in mind, I suppose thats an issue of my own. I realise that not every single guy out there is a cheater, well I hope not anyways. It bothers me that one person has ruined my overrall opnion of an entire sex. But, its the truth. In my eyes anything is possible. Even the craziest of scenerios I had thought up almost always came true. Living a horror for so long can only leave scars. Fortunatly, im aware of my feelings about men and I know alot of them are just fears. So I keep my mouth shut, worrying only worsens situations.  Until next time, Cheers




Bestfriends Daughter

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From day one hes been beside me, cramming jube jubes into his mouth as I was being born. Always a funny guy. From that day forward i’ve been a daddys girl. I can’t even describe to someone how much my father means to me. He’s my twin, but he challenges me on a daily basis. My dad has always allowed me to live and learn. Never has he been over barring or to brudal with his punishments. Even when I probably did deserve tough love. And for that, I truly am greatful. I feel as though I do have a great head on my shoulders and thats because of him.

Always allowing me to climb higher, skate faster and stay out later. But I must admit, ill never be to old to come home after all the havoc and cuddle with him on the couch. I love watching tv with my dad and laughing about how rediculous some people are. His sense of humor is what I love most, his quick one liners and whitty remarks will never get old to me. Even if I have heard them 100 times. Since I was young I can remember him saying his pg rated jokes and i’d always die laughing. Rarly any rules with him when it comes to come backs. Althought he’s a kid at heart, I have always had nothing but respect for him. I know he’s boss. When im gonna get in shit, its from him. 

Very soon I will be leaving this place, and hes the one person I can confidently say Ill miss the most. Everytime I look back he’s been there. Always to answer my questions and calm my fears. What will I do without him? Its a thought that crosses my mind on a daily basis, I can already see how hard it will be when the day comes. But I hope that leaving the nest will only bring us together further more. Cheers to an amazing father, and a bright future together.

I love you Dad,