Running is freedom.

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Feet pounding against the pavement beneath me is an exilerating feeling. I feel as though im leaving all my regrets behind me each step I take. With each step comes more sweat, shedding toxins from my body. Flying past everything is empowering, and almost.. fun?  Although im not in the greatest shape each leap counts. Running has become a daily routine for me, ( when I can force myself out of bed ) Everyday youll see new people, new vehicles everything new. Besides the sidewalk, it never changes. Thats what I like about it, amongst everything else in the world, it will never change.  Its almost like a security floating down this cement path, it keeps me content when other things in my life are anything but savvy. In health, its something I can always have. Running will never change, my body may change over years ( hopefully for the better) but the quick paced jog will never fail. I love running!


Living in a dream

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Although the entrance was anything but graceful, the ending result was superb. Kayaking, Id always considered the thought of trying it. The thought was never an opprotunity so when a chance arrose I was sold. First seat was very wobbily, paddling was not fabulous. Salt water had my hair crunchy and my lips zesty. BUT, paddle after paddle the rythme of the water came easily. A race against the chained trees. The water was like glass beneath me, not a single ripple in the horizon. Nothing but absolute tranquility, a heaven sent. Others were around, but not of my kind. Seals and otters danced beneath my feet, veterens of the gorge. Their child like personalities showed the youth of my surroundings. Nothing but sheer calm was around. All other stresses and denial were completely banished from my brain, further with each stroke. The tip of the paddle like the tip of a paint brush, drawing through the crust of the water. Living in a painting, the unrealistic. But suddenly reality.

In other words.. GO KAYAKING!

City Slick

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2 weeks into living in my new home, and im inlove already. At first I wasnt so fond of it, but ive come to get the hang of everything. I start school very soon and I can’t wait. Thus far everything been going really well. Im not yet used to having a friend around me at all times, somtimes situations that shouldnt be situations at all, are. The independence isnt at all as brudal as I thought it would be.Young adult hood has taken my lightly and Im embracing it with open arms. Although life is smooth sailing right now I know school will make it a little less thrilling but, such is life.  I call it how i see.

Welcome to the City life

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An elder drops somthing, you pick it up. Someone’s ahead of you in line, you respect that and dont budge. Basic curtesy, or at least that is what I thought. I’ve just recently moved to a city and the way people are astonishes me! It seems to me that people are 100% out for themselves. I’ve yet to meet someone with common integerity. I’ve witnessed an old man in a wheel chair struggling to pick up his bag he had dropped and watched dozens of people walk by! What the hell has this world come to, I dont understand it at all. A woman even got her child to budge infront of me when I waited in line for nearly 20 minutes to pay for my items. Where im from everybody is polite and kind and they most definatly help other when theyre in need. I felt as though people were suprised when Id say thank you or excuse me. It just seems very odd to me, maybe I can teach a few people a thing or two! ALL negative opnions asside, this city is beautiful. It has this rustik yet  modern twist to it. Its also right on the ocean which is a major plus as I love the water. On a jog yesturday I came across an adorable seal and sat and watched her for quite some time. I can definatly say Ill be spending alot of time down by the water. I am looking forward to my new life.

Youth in our veins

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Memories and laughs so sharp in my skull
Eggs and bottles a cheap thrill
Always side by side through every hill
Getting caught and never learning
Wanting to grow old and have no rules
Wishing and waiting for the time to pass
Hating early mornings and countless assignments
Worrying over the little things
The ignorance was our bliss,
The time has come to flourish, to bloom
The hopes and dreams we once carried
Can now begin
Our hats thrown high, our deplomas written in gold
This is it, life begins now

Embrace your memories, hold them tight
Remember the smiles, recollect
Cherish the moments, the lessons from your youth
Two feet and a heart beat, begin your journey independantly.
Your dreams await you



Talk to me Dawg

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I havent owned a dog since I was a child, and due to that I have an odd persona around them. Quite regularly I dog sit for my Aunt. I love her two dogs they’re so funny. I always do this discusting high-pitch voice when I see the k9s. When there little tails wag ans their feet start movin I cant help myself. Ive always thought of dogs like walking cameras. Whether youre changing or getting out of the shower its hard not to feel odd with their beady eyes on you. I cant help but wonder theyre thinking. ” Check out that fat ass! ” Its plausable.

Don’t feed me violence

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Among many thoughts that have crossed my mind the reason for police has been one of them. In society people that are there to avoid conflicts and potentially help us, has been the norm since the beginning of time. Which makes me than wonder, why? Why has there always been those rebels that cause trouble for no good reason. There had to have been a time that people came to realise they need people to protect the innocent, and enforce laws. Certain people have always gone against the grain and caused harm and violence to those around them.

Now don’t get me wrong, im all for people rebeling for the right reasons. Alot of our freedom rights wouldnt be here today if brave people in the past didnt put their foot down. But there are so many different tactics to how we go about this rebeling. I believe in fighting for what you believe, but at the same time you need to go about it in a way thats not completely irrational.

Its made me really think about how twisted the human race really can be. Why can’t everybody just live in peace and be positive. The need to cause havoc at all times is just beyond me. Why is there murder and rape? There are so many negative things that our race contributes to the world. We can’t even respect eachother half the time. Alot of people dont show pride in their communites even, vandalizing and robbing places. Therefore we have to have Police. Its just a thought, what would the world be like if everybody was just good through and through? If people just put there positive sides forward and just lived the happy life. In reality, isn’t that exactly what everybody wants?